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How to configure tax settings in Blesta

How to configure tax settings in Blesta

Tax rules can be setup in Blesta to automatically collect tax from clients when invoices are created.

To begin setting up your tax settings, click Settings

Then with the Company tab selected, click Taxes.

Select Enable Tax to enable the tax system.

Select Cascade Tax if you want level 2 taxes to be applied to the subtotal plus any tax calculated from the level 1 tax. In other words, tax on tax.

Select Tax Setup Fees if you want setup fees taxed.

Select Tax Cancellation Fees if you want any cancellation fees to be taxed.

Finally, enter your Tax ID here if applicable.

Click Update Settings.

Next we have to setup our Tax Rules.

Click Tax Rules under Taxes in the left margin.

Now setup your tax rules, as per the local rules and regulations in your region.

When finished, click Create Rule.

That’s it! The tax rule has been successfully setup. Repeat this process for any additional regions you need to setup tax rules for.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to configure tax settings in Blesta.

Updated on September 10, 2018

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