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How to import mail and contacts from another email account into gmail

How to import mail and contacts from another email account into gmail.

Before you begin manually copying any of your contacts and mail from other email accounts, you should know that Gmail can automatically import mail and contacts from many popular email providers.

Click on the Settings drop down icon…

…then click Settings.

Now click the Accounts and Import tab.

Then click Import mail and contacts.

Tell Gmail the email account you would like to import mail and contacts from…

then click Continue.

Click Continue again…

… and sign in to the account.

Click Agree.

Close the window to continue.

Specify your import options, or just leave the default settings.

By default, Gmail will import all contacts and mail from the account as well as all new mail the account receives for the next 30 days. All imported mail will be labelled with the account’s email address.

When finished here, click Start Import.

It could take several hours or even up to 2 days for the import to complete… depending on how many emails and contacts are being imported. You will be notified when the import has finished.

Click Ok to close this window.

The import we started now shows up under the Import mail and contacts section.

To stop the import, click the stop link.

Once the import process completes, its status will be updated here.

Once the initial import has completed, you can still stop the import to prevent any additional mail from being forwarded. All the data the initial import retrieved will remain intact.

Let’s go to the inbox and verify that our messages have shown up.

Here are two messages, both labelled as Yahoo.

Let’s verify if the contacts are imported.

Click the Gmail drop down icon…

…then click Contacts.

Here are the 2 new contacts that were imported.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to import contacts into Gmail.

Updated on September 10, 2018

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