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How to manage contacts in gmail

How to manage contacts in gmail.

In this turotial, you will find out how to manage your contacts in Gmail.

Click the Gmail drop down icon and then click Contacts.

This is your contact list. you can add, remove or edit contacts, and and organize them in groups. You can also search, Import and Export contacts… or even print them.

To create a new contact group, click Create Label

The new group has been created.

To view a contact’s information, click the contact name.

Here you can see all the information for the contact.

To add this contact to a group, click the 3 dots icon…

Then select the group to add them to.

The contact has been moved to the Internet Friends group.

To edit the contact’s information, select the contact ….

…then click the Pencil icon.

Click the MORE button to view more details about the contact.

Once you are done with editing the contact, click Save.

To add a new contact click the Plus icon.

Simply complete the form to create a new contact.

You can assign a label to a contact as you create it.

If you want to add additional email addresses for this contact, click the plus button.

Let’s also add a phone number for this contact.

Click the MORE button.

We can also add an address for the contact.

When finished, click the SAVE button.

That’s it! The new contact has been added successfully.

You can always edit existing contacts by clicking on their name.

You can also upload a photo for a contact.

From here, you can either hide the contact, delete it, or change its label (or group).

Let’s go ahead and delete the contact we just created.

Click DELETE again to confirm.

You can undo this action by clicking the UNDO button here.

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to manage contacts in Gmail.

Updated on September 10, 2018

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