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What are managed services?

A Managed server is dedicated server or virtual private server backed with extra technical support services such as round the clock monitoring, off-site backups, security and firewall management, software updates, and software technical support beyond just rebooting the server if you have a problem.

Many competitors out there today abuse the term Managed, when in reality they only provide minimal or no support when you run into trouble. TurnKey Internet was founded on managed services and we take it very seriously - when we say our servers are fully managed we mean it, and put it in writing.

TurnKey Internet provides extraordinary managed support at an affordable price with technology and infrastructure that you can trust.

Self-Managed Silver Gold Platinum
Hardware Support
Network Support
Uptime Monitoring
Complete Monitoring
Priority Support/Escalation
Monthly SysAdmin Hours [Order] 2 Hours 3 Hours 5 Hours
Core Services
Server Hardening [Order]
Firewall Setup
Security Services
Server Tuning
FREE Operating System Reloads Included On
Cloud/VPS Servers
Third-Party Software Assistance
Software Services
FREE R1Soft CDP Backups 50GB 100GB
Backup Services
Premium Tier Services
Premium Tier Services
FREE $29.99/mo $49.99/mo $99.99/mo
Liabilities prevent TurnKey Internet from modifing and/or making changes to any customers database data and/or related daemons regardless of service tier.

Business Continuity Insurance

Business continuance insurance is included on the Platinum service plan and is available for only $5/month fee on other service plans. Business continuance insurance provides added protection and peace of mind to our managed server customers who want security against sudden bandwidth overage bills and other potential dangers that all servers face on the Internet today. Denial of Service Attacks (DoS), former employees and hackers can cause costly hours of maintenance to restore from backup, reload the operating system or defend against network attacks. TurnKey Internet's business continuance insurance alleviates any costs related to data restores, O/S reloads, admin assistance or excessive bandwidth usage as a result of such an attack.

Server Hardening

Upon purchaase of your new managed server TurnKey will harden in via the following:

Premium Tier Services

We offer a wide range of Premium services for Enterprise level customers. Just a few of the premium services we offer:

Database Replication and Mirroring
Database mirroring can be used in conjunction with replication to improve availability for your databases.
Server Replication, Clustering and Mirroring
Clusters are usually deployed to improve performance and availability over that of a single computer, while typically being much more cost-effective than single computers of comparable speed or availability
Server Load Balancing and Fail Over
Load balancing is a computer networking method to distribute workload across multiple computers or a computer cluster, network links, central processing units, disk drives, or other resources, to achieve optimal resource utilization, maximize throughput, minimize response time, and avoid overload.
On-Demand Security and Vulnerability Assessment
From general baseline recommendations to regulatory PCI-Compliance hardening TurnKey can work with you or your third-party firms to provide 100% secure solutions.
100% Custom Configurations and Solutions
TurnKey recognizes that not every business model and their needs fits into a pre-defined package. We can provide custom-tailored solutions to fit any of your business needs.