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cPanel SEO Hosting Changes

July 22nd 2019

Greetings from TurnKey Internet!

We are writing to inform you of important changes to your SEO cPanel web hosting account. cPanel, the makers of the web hosting control panel software on which your server operates, a licensed product, was recently acquired by a venture capital firm, Oakley Capital. The same VC firm https://oakleycapital.com/ recently acquired ownership of similar industry software products including Plesk, WHMCS, and SolusVM. Shortly after taking ownership of Plesk and WHMCS, these companies announced new package structures including massive pricing increases, many of which impacted our customers.

Oakley Capital by way of cPanel’s executive team, are making similar changes to cPanel license costs and package structures. Going forward, cPanel license costs are based on the number of accounts. Meaning, the more accounts you host, the higher your license cost becomes. In light of this change, TurnKey Internet is no longer able to offer cPanel based hosting options with unlimited accounts.

Effective August 1st 2019 SEO cPanel web hosting plans will be limited to 30 cPanel accounts, unless your hosting package exceeds 30 IP Addresses, in which case the new account limit is based on your number of IP Addresses. For example, SEO packages with 50 IP Addresses will be allowed up to 50 cPanel accounts.

Existing customers who currently exceed these new account limits, and are unable to reduce their number of cPanel accounts to be within these new limitations prior to August 1st 2019, will see a cost increase associated with the increased usage. This applies to existing customers only as a one-time courtesy, to permit up to 100 accounts total for an additional $20 per month.

For example, a SEO hosting package being limited to 30 accounts, but hosting 70 accounts, will be over their package limit by 40 accounts. This user will see an increased cost of $20 per month, and a new limit of 100 accounts total effective August 1st 2019.

In an effort to minimize any additional overage fee’s, accounts hosting domains which do not resolve to our network will be automatically suspended within 7 days. Any accounts suspended longer than 30 days will be automatically deleted and removed from the server for your convenience.

We appreciate your understanding and continued patronage and deeply apologize for any inconvenience these new cPanel limitations may have on your services.


Kevin M

Customer Ambassador


(877) 539-4638 x105

TurnKey Internet Inc.






  1. What is the difference between domains and accounts?
    1. Accounts refers to cPanel accounts, viewed from within the WHM. Each account can still have unlimited domains hosted within each account using parked or addon domains.
  2. How can I decrease the number of accounts on my hosting plan?
    1. Many users choose to consolidate accounts into addon domains, to decrease the total number of accounts in use. We strongly recommend you terminate any old or no longer in use accounts to avoid additional charges.
  3. What actions should I take?
    1. No action is needed on your part. However, you may want to check your account usage and be sure your services are in compliance with the new limitations prior to August 1st 2019 to avoid any changes to your monthly hosting costs.
Updated on July 19, 2019

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