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Black Friday Loyalty Reward Bonus!

TurnKey Internet is expanding this Loyalty Reward program during the Black Friday season to $75 from the previous $50 – a 50% additional loyalty reward bonus during the 2018 holiday season. Offer ends 1/9/2019

Introduce TurnKey to your friends and colleagues and earn a $75 credit

Ever wish you could get something in return when you tell your friends, colleagues and social media followers about the great service you receive from TurnKey Internet? Our Refer-A-Friend program provides you exactly that - tell others about your success in The Cloud with TurnKey Internet, and earn a $75 credit each time someone signs up!

When someone you refer signs up, you are automatically credited with $75 to your account. You can use it to pay for your current service renewal invoices or to buy new services with TurnKey Internet. We make it simple, and reliable

How Does it Work?

Step 1: Log into your TurnKey Internet Client Area you will see on the main screen the refer-a-friend link to cut and paste.

Step 2: Email or post to social media your custom link to friends and colleageus.

Step 3: Each person who clicks your custom link and purchases service with TurnKey Internet will generate a $75 service credit to your account.

You will be emailed each time a $75 service credit is added to your account, which occurs after the person you referred remains an active paying client for 30 days.

Why Refer Your Friends to TurnKey Internet's Cloud Hosted Services?

TurnKey Internet is a premier provider of dedicated servers, cloud servers, web hosting, virtual private servers, mail servers, colocation, disaster recovery backup service, and managed services. We give you all the tools and support you need to succeed. Our 5-star reputation shows you can count on us as your partner in The Cloud to make your friends and colleagues happy when you refer them. To help you succeed we provide:

How do I Promote TurnKey Internet?

You can use your refer-a-friend link found in your TurnKey Internet Client Area to email or post on social media, but you can also use the image banners downloadable here to place on your blog, website or newsletters. You can also tell people at the office, or on the phone - just tell them to mention your name when they sign up. We ask new signups to indicate 'Who Referred You' in the event the device they signup from does not have your cookie, or heard about you directly - this way you will always get the credit you deserve for promoting TurnKey!

What Other Options Are There To Partner With TurnKey Internet?

Our affiliate program lets you earn up to $200 per referral for webmasters and internet marketers. Its free to sign up and a great way to make money promoting TurnKey Internet! We also have comprehensive reseller program that lets you receive up to 20% off on all products offered by TurnKey Internet to resell to your customers.

Banners To Help You Get Started!

We provide you with pre-ready marketing banners perfect for any web site, blog, newsletter, or promotion you may need.

Click on BROWSE BANNERS to view a sample and click here to download a zip file with all the images included for easy uploading to your website, blog or newsletter.

Please note, referral credits cannot be credited retroactively. Your automated tracking link must be used or your email (or name) must be indicated by the person you refer at the time the account is set up. Both your account and the referred account must follow the TurnKey Internet Terms and Conditions to receive credit. Referral program and the $75 service credit reward only applies to referring new customers who place new paid and verified orders. Referral program is not applicable if used to transfer, upgrade, or renew from any existing TurnKey Internet service plan. Sales which are attributed to Affiliates, Resellers, or by those who refer themselves are not eligible for the refer-a-friend program. If you have any questions please e-mail us at referrals@turnkeyinternet.net.